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Cover of the workbook "Emotional Health Habits"

Emotional Health Habits

A transformational and empowering workbook that results from a fusion of psychological insights, art therapy and practical wisdom.

Explore and develop 20 different emotional health habits through mindful writing and mandala-colouring.

Whether you are new to these practices or seeking to improve your emotional health, this workbook provides you with a structured and holistic approach to the world of emotions.

Free Guided Meditations

  • Peaceful Warrior

    This is a guided practice that will help you connect with the more peaceful, wiser part of your self so that you can decrease stress, anxiety, or even anger. To benefit the most, make sure you listen to this practice in a safe and distraction-free environment. Please, do not listen to this audio while driving or doing any other activity requiring your full attention.

  • A Thank You Letter to God

    This is a heartfelt audio exploration to help you reflect on your connection with God/Source/Universe and how grateful you feel on a daily basis. Do you notice the gifts and the signs that show up every day to wake you? Connect with this gratitude exercise and let your heart open.

  • Heart Coherence Practice

    Heart coherence is the ability to adjust our heart rate smoothly and yet quickly, whenever needed. Join this guided practice to learn how to generate heart coherence and experience a greater sense of overall well-being.

  • Dear Addicted Self

    This is a guided practise to help you heal and release negative feelings, such as shame and guilt, that arise when we engage in addictive behaviours. Allow yourself to own your feelings and know that you are not alone in this journey.

  • Mindful Breathing

    Mindfulness is the ability to remain grounded in the present moment, aware of what is going on inside and outside of ourselves, without judgment You can increase your awareness and sensitivity to your body’s signs and cues by being more mindful of your internal systems.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

    This guided practice will introduce you to mindfulness meditation. The goal here is to help you focus on your breath and notice how your body relaxes as you breathe in and out. Let go of thoughts and feelings that may arise.

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