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50% of people may be suffering with depression and not realise it

Learn more about Depression and what steps you can take today to overcome it or help a loved one

The Guide

This short guide was designed to offer you an introduction to what depression is and how we can build a personal roadmap toward greater well-being. Please know that this is an informative and educational resource only. It must not be used as health or replacement for medical advice.

Knowing Depression

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of what depression is
  • Explore the different factors that contribute to depression, from genetics to environmental stressors
  • Learn the basic neuropsychology of depression
  • Understand the cycle of depression and what perpetuates the condition
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of depression
  • Recognise the red flags of severe depression that require immediate attention
  • Learn actionable insights that can facilitate recovery

Overcoming Depression

Kickstart your journey toward healing and recovery with practical strategies and techniques.

The guide comes with curated resources and templates to support you in your recovery from depression, including:

  • self-care plans,
  • mood trackers, and
  • coping strategies

My Story

In 2017, I realised I was dealing with depression. I first struggled to recognise and accept it. The truth is that I ran away from the obvious for a good amount of time.

My left brain could not compute it. How could I be dealing with depression? I had a good job. I was building a career in academia and had moved abroad alone.

I thought I was mentally tough and I should get on with it. I was a Positive Psychologist after all so there could be no room for depression. Or could it? How self-deceptive we can be.